Topics to Talk about on a 2nd Date

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The first date was awesome.  You even congratulated yourself for a job well done.  And the proof that you really did great was she agreed to go out with you for the second time.  Job well done indeed!  Pat in the back.  Now that luck is on your side and you just secured yourself a promising and sure second date, what will you do next?  You must've laid down all your cards the last time.  And by now, you might have run out of ideas.  You can't even formulate possible interesting and lively topics to talk about on your second date!  Is it sinking in now?  Are we getting panicky already?


Calm down my friend.  There's no need to hang yourself just yet.


If truth be told, your problem is not really something to be bothered about.  You see, second dates are actually more of a physical activity rather than a chit-chat kind of occasion.  And from these activities that you are to share together, the threads of conversations will flourish.  Simply put, what you really need to focus on is to come up with very interesting and memorable activities that you two will enjoy together.  What to talk about is just like a side dish.


Most likely, you already have a clue about the things that she's fond of, what she's excited about or that something she's dying to try.  You can start from there.  If she's into sports, why don't you take her in a game of her favorite team?  If she's excited about some festival that is about to commence, it'll be best to grace the event with her.  If she's been dying to try bungee jumping, I think that's what your second date should be all about.  After the experience, I bet she'll be the one who keeps on talking.


Instead of forcing your dear brain to come up with topics to talk about, why don't you think of things to do, which will perfectly produce topics to talk about?  That's where your motivation should come from.  What you need is something to burn not the fire itself.  If you will think about it, that's how dates should really be!


However, if you still don't believe me and you don't feel secured by not having some nifty, witty topics to talk about on a 2nd date, I still have a couple of ideas for you to consider.  But, let me just reiterate this; second dates are actually more of a physical activity rather than a chit-chat kind of occasion.  Lively and wonderful activities will make the conversations fun and entertaining.  It's the key to a successful 2nd date.  In fact, it's the key to a successful nth date.


You can start with revisiting memory lane.  You can talk about the things that you two liked to do back in grade school.  What were your favorite bed time stories?  Who was your favorite super hero?  Who was your favorite cartoon character?  Which holiday made you more excited, Christmas or Thanksgiving?  These can be handy springboards.  However, there are times when childhood stories tend to become a hot button.  If that happens, expect a moment of awkward silence.  It can be risky, but that's a risk you have to take.

Hypothetical questions can also be really effective starters for lively conversations.  You can try questions like: "What if you won a million dollars, how are you going to spend it?" or  "What if you come across a really cute cat on the road, will you keep it?  And if so, what will be its name?"  Better start having a list of "what if" questions.


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Topics to Talk about on a 2nd Date

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This article was published on 2010/10/15
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